Every site has a different approach to site search. Good thing we can almost always pick that up from the URL.

In Google Analytics, you can update your settings ("View Settings") to turn on site search tracking.

It will begin saving terms that people search for from the site.

There are benefits to tracking different parts of your competitor's analytics. When someone is searching on a site, it’s often because they can’t find what they need. That can be a gap in the content (or product) that you can fill, or it’s a navigation issue you can learn from.

Like we mentioned at the end of our AirBnb "big takeaway" example, you might have to do a small bit of legwork to find the snippet or phrase that the site adds to a URL to manage its site search.

In this case, you'd do a search on the targeted site. Look at the URL that shows up on a search. You should see a term that sets off your search term like "query" or "search."

In this video's example, it's "redir."

Once it's set up through View Settings, you can find the top search terms in a report.
Behavior>Site Search>Search Terms