You'll want to set up goals for another site's analytics so you can track how that competitor is doing. Maybe it's their sales you want to track, or you hope to gauge how many email sign-ups they get from a certain social channel.

When you add a site into Nacho Analytics, we will share our best guess as to what that site's goals are so that you have a starting point. However, the actual goals might take some additional set up.

Here's how to set up goals for Google Analytics -- using the regular expressions (regex) we provide in your Nacho Analytics dashboard.

Where to find the automatic goal suggestions

If we can detect or calculate a goal for you (e.g., we spot a receipt page) then we will supply it for you in your Nacho Analytics dashboard.

This is listed as a regular expression. If you're unfamiliar with that, don't worry. Not only do these steps show you how to work with regular expressions, you'll find it's a flexible, easy process to set up the goals with the information we provide.

a regular expression is loaded

The icon at the far right of the "Setup Goals' field lets you copy the regular expression so that you can paste it into the right field inside Google Analytics. Keep this tab open.

Inside your Google Analytics

Once you are logged in and inside your Google Analytics account, use the Admin section to find Goals on the far right.

once inside Google Analytics go to admin settings
choose the Goals option

Special Note:

Do not follow the templates. Choose "custom" to get to the fields that let you paste in your regular expression.

Setting up Goal Details

  1. The Goal Description can be anything that helps you organize the events you are measuring. "Sale, Email Signup, Questionnaire Completed, etc."
  2. Set your Goal Type to "Destination" so that you can use the regex we provided. Set it to "regular expression."
  3. Paste in the same characters that you copied from the "Setup Goals" field on your Nacho Analytics dashboard.